Kung Fu of Norwalk is:
Physical techniques used in Yoga, body conditioning, different exercises, and various methods of self defense techniques that incorporates powerful, graceful techniques, with considerable emphasis on balance, strength, coordination, flexibility and mental discipline.

The practice of Kung-Fu consists of self-defense, fitness and self-confidence; the mental and physical discipline used in Kung-Fu has benefits for everyone. Self-confidence develops over time, with a calm and more peaceful persona emerging. Kung-Fu can remove a lot of insecurity and doubt from an individual, hence removes a lot of internal emotional conflict, leading to a more harmonious and balanced way of life.

Kung Fu of Norwalk which is held at Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness focuses on two different styles: Wing Chun and Chang Chuan Long Fist.

Wing Chun: this style equalizes the height and weight advantage that one person may have over another because it brings combat in closer to the opponent's body, where the length of arms and legs no longer determine advantage.

Chang Chuan Long Fist: is characterized by fluid and extended movements. It is considered a long range fighting style as opposed Wing Chun and helps strengthen the joints, tendons, develops flexibility and overall support around the bones and muscles, which is very important for avoiding injuries.

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